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The results of The Eiffel Struggle '98 were published on 15-Dec-1998. Have a look at my Eiffel section.

I created an errata list (not complete at the moment) for the german translation of 'Essential COM' by Don Box:
Druckfehler in 'COM' von Don Box
Note: This page is written in german!


VETangram V1.2 is ready for download in the Projects section.

- If option 'Local Server' is checked the local server (EXE) will be used instead of an inproc server (DLL).
- Creation of tangram pieces was rewritten using arrays.

Some minor changes made.


In association with Amazon.com
From now on you can search for books, music and video and order all books that are listed on this website!

Some minor changes made.


Feedback page created.

I'm searching for penpals from the United States of America!
Please visit my Contact page.


The source of my first COM project called VETangram is ready for download in the Projects section.

Some minor changes made.


Counter added to this website.

The new Projects section is open! It will contain information about some of my projects.

Some pages (including my résumé) were added to the Personal section!

Some minor changes made.


The private section was renamed. It's now called Personal!

Some minor changes made.


As promised (have a look at my publishing-announcement):

I finally launched my new website www.thomas.goering.com in time.

This site features my personal interests in three main sections: Tools, Private (04-Aug-98: it's now called Personal!) and OOSC.
Especially Eiffel and COM will be subjects of this site.

I'm only at the beginning and this site will soon be extended!

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