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Have a look at the first of my published Eiffel & COM projects: VETangram

(This section will soon be extended.)

Books about COM

The following books helped (and still help) me to learn COM.

English German

Box, Don
'Essential COM'
ISBN 0-201-63446-5

Box, Don
ISBN 3-8273-1385-6

Box, Don; Brown, Keith; Ewald, Tim; Sells, Chris
'Effective COM'
ISBN 0-201-37968-6

Chappell, David
'Understanding ActiveX and OLE'
Microsoft Press
ISBN 1-57231-216-5

Rector, Brent; Sells, Chris
'ATL Internals'
ISBN 0-201-69589-8

Rogerson, Dale
'Inside COM'
Microsoft Press
ISBN 1-57231-349-8

Egremont III, Carlton
'Mr. Bunny's Guide to ActiveX'
ISBN 0-201-48536-2

Doesn't the cover graphic of this book remind you of the 'Rocky Horror Picture Show?

Mr. Bunny's Guide to ActiveX

Read this book on your own risk!!! :-)

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Links to COM related resources

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