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In this section I listed some useful tools (MS Windows only). The list is divided into the sections Privacy Tools, Web-Publishing Tools and Internet Tools. Most of the tools are freely available so you can follow the links and download them.

Privacy Tools


I think I don't have to write something about PGP (Pretty Good Privacy). If you really don't know it have a look at The International PGP Home Page and Pretty Good Privacy, Inc..

23-Feb-1999: I just revoked my old PGP key!

Get my new PGP public key at:

Or download the public key file directly from this website:

The new international version of PGP (PGP 6.0.2i) has just been published! Download it at:
The International PGP Home Page

Download PGP

Web-Publishing Tools


KISSfp supports uploading FrontPage-based Web sites by FTP to Hosts without Server Extensions. Additional features include HTML compression and Link Beautifier.

A link to KISSfp is also on Microsoft's FrontPage 98 Home Page!
Check it out!

A note from Michael Vorburger (author of KISSfp):

KISSfp FrontPage Add-On. Facilitates uploading a FrontPage-based Web site to a Host without Server Extensions by FTP. Special features include HTML Compression customized to FrontPage, automatically inserting icons after e-mail and external links, and many warnings such as broken links reports etc.

KISSed Site - KISSfp FrontPage Add-On

Internet Tools


Manage your internet downloads. Resume corrupted downloads (server support needed).


"I Seek You"

Try to catch me online with my ICQ Respond-Online Panel!

KISSed Site - KISSfp FrontPage Add-On Last update: 25-Feb-99 - thomas@goering.commail-to

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