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VETangram is a port of the Tangram example (only the client) from the book 'Inside COM'. I'm using Visual Eiffel's new COM library and the Display Machine for the user interaction.

This is my first COM project ever and it was a hard way, especially because Visual Eiffel's new COM library documentation is very poor.


Copyright 1998 Thomas Goering, see file "forum.txt".

Download the sources:

vetangram_v1.2_src.zip (42.027 bytes)

PGP Detached Signature File:
vetangram_v1.2_src_zip.sig (66 bytes)

Download the executable:

If you don't have Visual Eiffel you can download a finalized executable including two necessary DLLs and the DMF-file used by VETangram.

vetangram_v1.2_exe.zip (311.983 bytes)

PGP Detached Signature File:
vetangram_v1.2_exe_zip.sig (66 bytes)



- If option 'Local Server' is checked the local server (EXE) will be used instead of an inproc server (DLL).
- Creation of tangram pieces was rewritten using arrays.


- Feature 'releaseInterfaces' implemented.


- First public version.

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