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I'm searching for penpals (email or snail-mail) from the United States of America!

Because I like the United States very much, I want to learn more about the people living and working there, the country in general and its cities.

In one sentence:
Tell me about the American way of life!

The people I'm searching for should be interested in writing about their life, their work, themselves, the United States and other things we could be interested in. The language we'll write in could be English and German (my first language). I prefer English because this would be a great opportunity for me to improve my English skills.

One of my aims doing this is that I intend to work and live in the United States some time in the future. This is the reason why I'm searching for people living there. I think this is a good way to learn more about the country, its people and its culture. Perhaps we have the same interests and - who knows - perhaps we will meet in the future.

You may have a look at my résumé to get a first impression of myself.

So, if you live in the USA and are seriously interested, please contact me!
Send me an email or use my feedback form!

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