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Druckfehler in 'COM' von Don Box
(German errata page for 'COM' by Don Box - Completed: 11-May-1999)

I have collected all known errata in the german translation of 'Essential COM' by Don Box.
Note: This page is written in german!

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This site features my personal interests in three main sections: Tools, Personal and OOSC (Object-Oriented Software Construction). Especially Eiffel and COM are subjects of this site.

The intention for creating this website was mainly to make information available that is hopefully not only of my personal interest. I don't want to flood you with useless trash. There are too much sites on the internet that do this already (at least this is my impression). Instead of this you will find many links to other sites that deserve a closer look, I think.

Finally I hope you will enjoy this website. In any case feedback is willingly welcomed!

I'm looking forward to any suggestion, correction and comment. Let me know!

These are the main sections:


This section presents a collection of useful software-tools for the windows-platform.

Object-oriented software construction

This section is the most comprehensive one on this site. You can find there not only information about object-oriented software construction in general but also a section about Eiffel. The 'component-based development' has also been acknowledged in the COM section.

The Projects section contains information about some of my projects.


The personal section contains some information about myself (at least my résumé and 'How it began'). I also included my old homepage.

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