Apple 1 Emulator for Sinclair ZX Spectrum, by Thomas Goering

Version 1.0 (06/01/2007)


This is a port of Simon Owen's Apple 1 emulator for the SAM Coupe to the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

It has been tested with several Spectrum emulators for Windows and Mac OS X but not been loaded into a real Spectrum though. The emulator needs at least 48k of memory but has not been tested on a 128k Spectrum.

The binary versions of the emulator are assembled with Ken Wessen's ROM version which includes the Krusader Assembler (version 1.2) along with the monitor and Apple BASIC. Refer to krusader12.pdf for how to use the Krusader Assembler.

Like Simon Owen's emulator this emulator also supports a type-in feature (which I never tested, btw ;-) ), allowing text listings to be entered as though they were typed. This feature will most likely only work with Spectrum emulators because you need to import data directly into the Spectrum memory at address &b800 (maximum length is &0800). You will need to ensure that the file is typed in the correct mode. Hex code listings are in the startup monitor mode. For BASIC listings type E000R in the monitor to run the BASIC ROM. For 6502 ASM listings type F000R to launch the Krusader assembler.

For further details on using the Apple 1 monitor and BASIC as well as other documentation and games, visit the File Library of the Apple I Owners Club:


Apple 1 emulator v1.0

The archive contains two TZX files with different versions of the emulator:

Version 1

16K RAM for Apple 1, type-in feature, hard reset

Hard reset initializes the whole Apple 1 memory (RAM + ROM). This is necessary because the type-in feature limits the Apple 1 memory to 16K RAM which then leads to memory overwrites (e.g. start Krusader, ESC and then try to start BASIC)

Version 2

32K RAM for Apple 1, no type-in feature, no hard reset

Special keys:


Thomas Goering